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Blinds – Inside our Outside of the Window Recess


Inside or outside of the window or patio recess can depend on all sorts of different factors and as a consequence will provide a different look for your room.

Sometimes it can be as simple as the fact that you have high windows with very little room above the frame / recess to put a curtain pole and therefore a blind is a most suitable option but as the blind fixing bracket is slim this still provides you with a choice. With a huge range of colours to meet your room design, you can be assured that whatever you choose, it will enhance your room.

An internal vertical blind will still provide you with the opportunity to dress the window should you choose, but the blind itself will provide you with the benefit of enabling you to have a degree of privacy, so shut out the sun when too bright, or can be opened to allow the light to stream through.

In the past people often put up lace / net curtains to provide privacy but now we have more choices. Vertical blinds provide just that choice and like lace / net curtains are easy to keep clean and they can be easily dissembled to wash and put back. They just do not require ironing!

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A vertical blind put outside of the window or patio door recess will dress your window without the need for additional dressing.

When you are measuring your windows for the blinds, you must take into consideration that the blind itself must start within the recess of the window if you want to be able to open the blinds without drawing them back or there will not be sufficient room to enable them to hang properly. When hanging inside the recess again you need to take into consideration that the blind should not brush the floor and that there will be a header from which the blinds hang. Again the blind must finish above the window sill if you wish to be able to open the blinds and not necessarily draw them.

If your window or patio doors are flush with the wall, your only option is for a blind which is outside of the recess. With blinds made to order, you can be sure that they will fit well and with a choice of slat widths, you can vary the look completely.

Whichever you choose, enjoy your new look to your room.

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