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French doors....... curtains or blinds?


French doors are a popular feature in the 21st Century home – albeit apartment, bungalow, house or even static home. One of the obvious benefits they offer is to ‘bring the outside in’ giving you a fuller view of your beautiful garden; the wild birds nesting in your favourite tree or the fantastic panoramic view of the countryside. French Doors also maximise the light coming into the room – transforming a dark and uninviting space into a room that you want to spend time in.

So the challenge is ..... how do you ‘dress’ French doors without obscuring your favourite views or cutting out the light? Let’s consider the options .....

Full Length Curtains

You could opt for full length curtains but this choice could obscure a percentage of the light entering your room and would not give you the option to adjust them as you can blinds. Curtains can prove difficult to clean – particularly where luxury fabrics require dry cleaning. Curtains are an ‘open and shut’ case and may not necessarily be the most effective option for French doors.

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The Horizontal Blind Option

Venetian blinds allow you to control the light into your room by adjusting the position of the slats. They also allow you privacy if you tilt them at an angle so that passer’s-by cannot see into the room whilst still allowing you to see out. This option undoubtedly provides and stylish look for smaller windows but becomes an unwieldy, heavy and potentially expensive choice for French doors which, when fully raised, obscures a considerable percentage of your view and light. Other examples of horizontal blinds – Roman, Roller and Austrian are all adjustable but again not necessarily the best option for your French door as the design does not lend itself to ease of operation in a doorway setting.

The Vertical Blind Option

Vertical blinds offer a contemporary look, employing flat fabric slats which don’t obscure your view and offer you the option to adjust the slats to give you privacy or simply to control the amount of light entering the room. When you want to open them fully, you also have the option of drawing the blind back completely where it sits neatly against the window aperture wall. As with Venetian blinds, vertical blinds can be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth if they become marked. Their construction allows you to replace individual slats if they become damaged – rather than replacing the whole blind.

The Winning Formula for French Doors

It’s clear that Vertical blinds tick all the boxes for style, ease of operation, value for money and practicality. How will you ‘dress’ your French doors?

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