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When you order made to measure vertical blinds and your blinds arrive, you will have full fitting instructions but there are also a few things which, if carried out, will ensure you hang them properly.


Irrespective of whether your window is level or not, it is always important to ensure that your blinds are hung level and if inside the frame, ensure it is straight even if the window is not square.

Place the headrail where you would like it, whether inside or outside of the frame. Ensure that it is centred with the window, and use a spirit level to make sure it is level. Mark with a pencil at both ends and below the headrail if outside, or in front of the headrail if within the window frame. It is only necessary to mark it to be sufficiently sure that it is going to be straight.

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Put up the brackets

These should be marked left and right (“L” & “R”). You will need raw plugs suitable for the wall and screw size. The screws should be provided. You will normally need two screws per bracket and it is necessary to ensure they are the correct size.

If you have more than two brackets, ensure that the brackets are spaced evenly and are level. Place the bracket on the wall next to the markings unless told otherwise. Mark the holes with a pencil. It is usually better to drill one hole first, put the first screw in partially and then mark the 2nd hole to ensure it is accurate. Do the same with all of the other brackets. Finish putting in all of the screws and tighten well. N.B. When drilling the holes, a suggestion is to hold a dustpan underneath as you are drilling to catch the dust created.

Valance Clip

You will usually need to attach a valance clip before you install your blinds. Attach the valance clip(s) to the front lip of the headrail. The valance clip is the little accessory that looks like a seahorse skeleton and holds the valance in place.

Once the valance clips are attached, you're ready to insert the headrail into the end brackets. The hinged swivel plates on the brackets need to be open. After the headrail is in place, press the bracket cover plates down until they snap into place.

If the blind is fitting either too tightly or too loosely, pull the headrail back out and tinker with the tabs on its ends to adjust. Press them in or pull them out a bit as necessary.

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With every blind from Blind Corner, we supply the necessary brackets, screws, wall plugs and fixings. Our vertical window blinds are designed to fit easily according to your measurements. If however you have over calculated the width or drop of a blind, these can easily be trimmed by any amount. Tel 01604 671189.


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