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Achieving Versatility and Flexibility in Lighting Indoor Spaces


Particularly in work situations, office spaces, retail outlets, and public indoor spaces, there is often a need to create particular lighting effects in particular areas, and to provide a mix of lighting throughout the building using a variety of tactical lighting solutions. In retail environments for example, accent lighting and spotlights can play an important role in drawing attention to and focusing attention on products, displays and promotional aspects of the business. There still needs to be a good mix of natural light in retail environments, and vertical blinds can be applied in a number of ways e.g. behind the displays of the front window.

In public buildings (which tend to be large and have a lot of window space) vertical blinds can be a very economical choice, can be very easy and quick to install, and can be particularly easy to maintain. For example, individual blind slats / louvres / vanes can be removed and cleaned, painted, or simply replaced. This can be very useful if the window is in a relatively inaccessible part of the building, or if there is dirt or damage only in one small area of the blinds.

High quality blind manufacturers, once given the right measurements can create blinds to fit almost any window space, or any other purpose for which they may be required. It’s not just flexibility and versatility in manufacture and installation that make vertical blinds so useful, but also in the scope and choice of materials, fabrics and colours that blinds can be produced in. Wide ranges of colours and materials means that vertical blinds can fit well into any design theme. This makes them suitable for all types of social and public as well as private settings. The ease and simplicity of operation of the blinds, using a wand control on the side, means that they are less likely to handled and damaged. This means that they can last a long time, and can be used effectively by many groups of people e.g. different ages or abilities.For more information about how vertical blinds could provide great benefits in your office, call 01604 671189, or contact Blind Corner online.


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