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Create and Maintaining a Feeling of Space in the Office


In recent years many things have contributed to people valuing and wanting a greater feeling of space around them at home, and particularly at work. Crowded streets, roads overcrowded with cars, stressful lifestyles, the clutter that a modern and often ‘disposable’ lifestyle brings, the needs for safety, and the need for effective surveillance and control in a number of social settings among other things, are responsible for a move toward ‘space’. Fashion and trends in design communicated through the media have taught us to see rooms more as simply ‘spaces’ which can be anywhere on the continuum of blank canvases to a completely personalised environment. There are many ways businesses can create a spacious feeling in the office.

Removing permanent and solid barriers such as internal office walls, and many small enclosed, separate individual offices and replacing them with office partitions which are glass or which are partially glazed, are an important tactic in achieving this. Glass office partitions and the wider open spaces created by removing barriers, can improve communication in the office, can make office processes flow more easily, and can allow easier management of the office environment.


Blinds, Space and Privacy

Vertical blinds can play a very important role in these open plan office environments. Vertical blinds are very unobtrusive (compared to curtains), and can be perfectly angled to provide just the required amount of light into the office (minus any annoying / distracting glare and heat from the sun) in a uniform ways across the window. This makes the window seem wider.

Where glass office partitions are concerned e.g. for manager’s offices, a HR office, and interview or briefing room etc, vertical blinds can be the perfect way to maintain privacy when it’s needed, but allow the office to quickly and easily have its open and spacious appearance once again.

People generally tend to respond positively when they have good quantities of natural light and don’t feel as though they are cramped or constrained, and vertical blinds can be one of the many great tools that can be employed to help reduce the potential for stress, and help to improve productivity in the workplace.

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