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3 Uses for Vertical Blinds around the Home


Many of us are aware of and pay attention to the benefits offered by modern double glazing in the home e.g. safety and security, durability, reduction of heating bills through draught reduction, aesthetics, ease of maintenance and cleaning, and added value (when selling a home). What doesn’t immediately spring to mind however is how to make the most of not just ‘dressing’ the window areas, but taking the same practical factors into account when we choose products to maintain our privacy, and control the lighting in the house.

Vertical blinds have long been known to be not just a very economical way to address these factors, but also very easy and quick to install once the measurements have been sent to the vertical blind manufacturer and the colour and fabric decisions have been made. Vertical blinds however can be very effectively used in a number of situations and settings and here are just 3 examples.


1. Windows

The most obvious setting for vertical blinds is in what can be called specifically the ‘windows’ of the home. Their unobtrusive look, ease of operation, flexibility and variation in size, shape, colour and materials make them a very popular and welcome alternative to curtains. The fact that individual blind slats / louvres / vanes can be removed for cleaning, or painting, and can be easily and cheaply replaced if necessary, makes them an extra attractive proposition to many home owners.

2. Doors

The same benefits and advantages that vertical blinds give to your windows can also be applied to your glass doors. Good vertical blind manufacturers can easily make vertical blinds to fit your doors e.g. your glazed back door. This can also help to maintain the consistency of the internal design scheme of your home.

3. Conservatories

Many modern homes now have conservatories. By their nature these contain large glazed areas. The need to control the light and heat into the conservatory, to maintain privacy, and to achieve these things economically make vertical blinds the perfect tools for the job.

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