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  Vertical blinds for the home / domestic blinds are very easy and quick to fit, and can also be removed for cleaning of the slats or louvres, or for when you need to decorate a room - no fuss. Vertical window blinds for the home are usually fixed to a wall, a window frame, or fixed to the ceiling using brackets. Blind Corner provide the appropriate brackets with the made to measure blinds for your home. The brackets can be screwed into the required surface, and the vertical window blinds for your home are easily suspended from them. Domestic Vertical blinds can be outside or wall mount vertical blinds, or to the inside or recess of the window for inside mount (recessed) vertical blinds.

Blind Corner offer UK delivery within seven days using an overnight carrier service in the UK. We also offer you a choice of white and dark brown headrails, with the fixing brackets to match.

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Vertical Blinds For Your Home - Domestic Vertical Blinds In Over 100 Fabrics

Custom made vertical blinds for your home, manufactured by Blind Corner, have sewn slats. The advantage of these over glued slats is the added strength and durability - they will last a long time and stay beautiful. Our blinds have a fabric covered bottom weight, which gives them a neat and tidy appearance, and our domestic vertical window blinds have dual chain linked slats.

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There are over 100 vertical window blind fabrics to choose from in eight colour ranges. You can easily find the perfect design to suit the decor and match the shade of your home. The colours and designs of the vertical window blinds we provide are combined to make a custom made to measure solution, to your exact specifications.

"Blind Corner manufacture custom made vertical window blinds for your home which are unique to your particular specifications, will fit the window they are made for, and will fit your budget. "

Not only can you admire the styles, textures and colours of our vertical blinds, but you can more easily control the amount of natural light in your rooms. The rigid type of domestic vertical blinds are a stronger, durable alternative to traditional fabrics, and are easy to clean.

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