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When fitting vertical window blinds, measuring the window correctly is so important. Firstly you need to decide whether you want the blinds to be placed inside or outside of the window recess. Referring to diagrams of measuring the window for vertical window blinds, you can clearly see how having the blinds mounted either in or outside the recess will affect the size of the finished blinds. Therefore you must measure for the correct spot depending on which type of blinds you need.

Blind Corner are manufacturers of vertical window blinds and sell directly to you. As all vertical window blinds are custom made to measure, we rely on your correct measuring of the window.

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The Importance of Correct Measuring for Vertical Window Blinds

Measuring correctly for vertical window blinds means that the blinds will fit snugly into the recess (if that is required), and will not let too much light in at the sides, and the slats and louvres will be able to lay flat upon the window when in the closed position. There are two measurements to consider - the width, and the height, which is also known as the drop of the blinds.

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Use our vertical window blinds price calculator by entering your width and drop measurements.

With every blind from Blind Corner, we supply the necessary brackets, screws, wall plugs and fixings. Our vertical window blinds are designed to fit easily according to your measurements. If however you have over calculated the width or drop of a blind, these can easily be trimmed by any amount.


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