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Top Tips When Considering Verical Blinds


Here are some top tips on what to consider when choosing blinds for your windows:

Consider the size of the blinds, there are many options. For instance, do you want blinds to extend over the window edge or to fit within the window frame or fit within the panels of the window?

Another point would be the need for privacy – Is privacy an important consideration for you? Of course some blinds will allow in light whilst at the same time effectively block the outdoors.

Leading on from privacy you will need to take into account your need for light control. For example, if light control is an issue, then you have the option to go for Venetian or vertical blinds. By tilting or rotating the slats, the degree of light penetrating the room can be controlled. Blinds are available that let in the light and also provide protection against the light.

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Consideration also needs to be taken for the direction the window opens – in some cases windows open up, some out and some in.

Another key factor is which direction does the window face? With north-facing windows, these bring in consistent light but could subject a room to the coldest exposure. It’s worth noting that 40% of heat escapes through windows, so why not consider energy-saving window treatments for North-facing windows. East-facing windows offer bright light early in the morning, which means that the room will heat quickly. There are blinds available that can help to retain the heat. Windows that are west-facing let in the most light, therefore blinds that block out the UV rays would be best. South-facing windows receive the most consistent natural light.

So even before a single measurement is made there are other considerations that need to be taken into account when choosing your vertical blinds.

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With every blind from Blind Corner, we supply the necessary brackets, screws, wall plugs and fixings. Our vertical window blinds are designed to fit easily according to your measurements. If however you have over calculated the width or drop of a blind, these can easily be trimmed by any amount. Tel 01604 671189.


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