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The Case for Vertical Blinds in the Workplace


For many people, often all in one place at one time, an office is a place where they spend most of their waking hours each day – more time than they spend with their wives / partners and their families. This is just one of the reasons why the design, layout, furnishings, décor, facilities, and lighting are so important to get right in the office. There are many factors which distinguish offices from the home environment. An office layout is designed in such a way as to practically and effectively facilitate the work processes. Although it is sometimes difficult to distinguish modern office interior design from modern hotel interior design, fixtures, fittings and furniture need to be practical hard wearing, not too distracting, and provide as much safety as possible. The lighting of the office also needs to be particularly practical and safe, and offices are often places where a mix of light is needed to keep the levels right i.e. artificial light from inside the office and natural light from outside the office.


How Vertical Blinds Can Help

Vertical blinds are very hard wearing, and are particularly easy to operate. Turning the wand on the side of the vertical blinds allows the vertical blind slats / vanes / louvers / hangers to be positioned in exactly the right position to allow as little or as much light in as is needed. This means that office workers can with little effort get the benefits high quality natural daylight on good weather days, can produce the required mix of natural and artificial light on dull, cloudy days, and can use just internal artificial lights in the hours of darkness. Light, particularly natural light – which vertical blinds allow into a room in a uniform and controllable way – generally has a positive emotional effect on people. With many jobs it is also important from a safety point of view that the work area is sufficiently lit.

In the spring and summer months particularly, vertical blinds can be useful for not only allowing the good daylight in, but also for protecting office workers form the heat and glare of the sunlight which could be regarded as annoying light, discomfort glare, or light pollution.

Other Benefits

Vertical blinds are very easy and quick to install and provide good value for money. It is also particularly easy to clean vertical blinds and replace parts of the blinds. This simply means removing individual blind slats / louvres / vanes, and replacing them with clean or new ones. This can provide much needed benefits of ease and economy in maintenance.

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