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Blind Corner specialise in manufacturing custom made vertical window window blinds for your conservatory and patio doors. Our Conservatory vertical blinds traditionally consist of conservatory roof blinds and conservatory window blinds. Vertical window blinds for patio doors are also very popular, and Blind corner provide a made to measure, direct to the customer quality service in the manufacture of the latest styles of vertical window blinds for any patio doors.

As manufacturers of vertical window blinds for conservatories and patio doors, we have ranges in all colours and styles, to dress the windows of any style and size of conservatory or patio door.

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Vertical Window Blinds for the Conservatory or Patio Doors Made To Measure, and Washable

Part of the beauty of having vertical window blinds for your conservatory or patio doors is that you can avoid problems with the stack associated with horizontal window blinds, where if the blind is up, the stack takes up too much room, and robs your rooms of valuable sunlight. Horizontal window blinds, unlike vertical window blinds, also have problems where there is for example a cord that is too long. This can get twisted, and knotted, and can obstruct the patio door, or conservatory doorway.

"Vertical blinds provide a brilliant solution for patio doors and conservatory doors - they are vertically orientated."

With vertical window blinds in your conservatory or above your patio doors, the stacks are go to the top so there is no obstruction.

Vertical oriented blinds look great on conservatory windows and patio doors, and don't have a stack and there's no need for large amounts of cord pulling - they just lie flat to the glass when closed. Contact Blind Corner to get a free sample of vertical blind material, a free quote, or more information on patio door and conservatory vertical blinds.

"Blind Corner manufacture custom made vertical window blinds unique to the specifications of your conservatory and patio doors, at a very affordable price. "

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Contact Blind Corner for details of how you can get beautiful custom made Vertical Window Blinds for your conservatory or patio doors.